In Sinotron, we make conscientious effort to ensure goods are delivered in tip-top condition. Our Warehouse and Operations work hand in hand to ascertain quality delivery at the shortest time. We take serious measures in handling problematic goods and take in responsibility when such issues arise. You can trust in us.

Warranty period is 12 months upon the date of delivery, as shown on the B/L. Video proof or pictorial evidence of the defects must be shown clearly for our verification purposes. Test reports and defective goods have to be given for our technical department investigation. Defects must be approved by both parties in order to be eligible for the claims. In case of discrepancy on the quality, Sinotron is obliged to replace the poor-quality goods.

Our warranty excludes:

  • Defects that are resulted from abnormal wear and tear
  • Improper handling of transportation
  • Failure of observing the correct operating instructions 
  • Failure due to incompatibility of parts 
  • And other reasons that are out of our control

However, we work on this case-by-case, as we wish to treat all customers fairly in order to obtain a mutual agreement when discrepancies happen, even though it does not usually happen.

Time to time, prices are revised according to the market trend. All orders are subjected to price changes unless confirmed.

Freight & shipping
Sinotron warehouse is opened Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Orders are shipped only on working business days, and shipping requests will be addressed on the next working day.